What if you could reach the people who need your services, all across the world?

What if your business grew rapidly while you serve only clients you love, when you want to serve them?

What if you made the money you wanted to make, so you can have the freedom you want in your life?

Most coaches are in business to make an impact. They want to help people transform.

If you have a purpose that you long to monetize, you are about to discover how to make that happen.

Welcome to the fast, easy, proven way to attract IDEAL clients, make more money and leverage your purpose so that you move out of the time for money trap and created leveraged revenue.

Hi, I’m Patti Keating and I am on a mission to provide access to the tools that passionate, purpose driven coaches and consultants need to not only live an amazing life themselves, but help their clients transform their lives and make the impact they desire.

Too many talented coaches are trying to “figure it out” and do it all alone. In The Coaching Biz Academy, you’ll build your business alongside like-minded purpose driven entrepreneurs.

I’m thrilled to personally invite you to apply to be a part of The Coaching Biz Academy… this one decision may change the entire future of your life.

The Coaching Biz Academy is a 12 month training and immersion program for coaches and consultants who are ready to turn their knowledge and expertise into multiple revenue streams and make a big impact in the world and their bank account.

I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and make millions of dollars using the exact process I teach. I will show you how to align with your purpose, take a stand for your value and attract IDEAL clients who will happily pay you.

Join this community of entrepreneurs who will believe in you and hold you accountable to do the work you love AND make the money you desire, while you do the same for them.

Over the next 12 months, you will receive over 100+ hours of LIVE business building training to clarify your message to be seen by ideal prospects. You will create a strategy to fill your practice and implement your strategy with the support of Patti and your peers. Learn how to get 1-1 clients, fill group programs, workshops and masterminds. You’ll learn how to create and deliver presentations that sell both live and via webinars, grow your online community, quickly grow your email list and catapult your business to six-figures and beyond this year. You will also discover how to create leveraged revenue streams by selling programs and products online.

  • Weekly Trainings and Coaching With Patti
  • Proven Systems and Done For You Templates To Fill Your Business
  • Live Retreats A Community of Like Minded Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs

Are you ready? Fasten your seat belt… because your business is about to take off.

Fill Your Coaching Programs And Grow Your Business

The 12 Foundational Modules Of A Leveraged Coaching Business

The Coaching Biz Academy core curriculum delivers the 12 foundational components of a leveraged coaching business model. The program is 12 months in length and includes both virtual, live and group trainings, all designed to help you fill your business and move from the time for money 1-1 business model into a leveraged 1-many business model so you can reach more people and make more money.
Click the topic to read more about each module.


cWhen you enroll in The Coaching Biz Academy you will get clear about your value in the market and see how to position yourself as the expert in your industry.

You will discover how to create powerful messaging that solves a problem in the market that your clients are hungry to pay for. You will learn how to take a stand for your value so your ideal clients can find you with “pull marketing” rather than pushy sales tactics.

We kick off your first session setting the foundation of your business and the exact structure of your program so that your prospects feel certain you can help them. You will know exactly what your program offers, how it is delivered and the transformation it creates. Certainty sells and this first module will assure you are clear and certain, so you can create connection and sign up new clients.

Messaging Outcome:

  • Understand your greatest strength and align your services with a problem in the market. Understand exactly “WHO” your ideal clients are, what they long for and how to effectively reach them.
  • Master “pull” marketing by confidently stating the problem you solve and attracting clients to you, rather than chasing them.

Messaging Resources

  • Powerful Language
  • The Mechanics of Messaging
  • Message Clarity Checklist


aMost Coaching businesses struggle because of poor marketing. When you join The Coaching Biz Academy you will get all the tools to identify the unique problem YOU solve and become the powerful leader that your ideal clients want to learn from.

You will receive personal assessment tools that will amplify your vision and empower you to become your greatest, most authentic  self, so you feel powerful and committed to attract your IDEAL clients and transform their lives.

Positioning Outcome:

  • Learn how to establish yourself as an expert so your future clients recognize you as their mentor.
  • Build your business from the foundation of your point of view while attracting a tribe of raving fans

Positioning Resources:

  • Find Your Money Spot Training


dWhen you join The Coaching Biz Academy you will learn and implement the 6 Figure Signature System process that outlines the path you take people down to get results. When integrated into your marketing, speaking and content delivery, your signature system will create a high level of commitment and engagement from your prospects so that you attract ideal clients who get amazing results and become raving fans who then refer more qualified clients.

Program Creation Outcome:

  • Design your unique programs and packages so clients can work with you over time, providing you consistent revenue throughout the year.
  • Create leverage in your business with long-term packages and value based pricing, rather than one off sessions based on an hourly rate.

Program Creation Resources:

  • 6 Figure Signature Systems

bWhen you join The Coaching Biz Academy you will learn and implement the 6 Figure Signature System process that when integrated into your marketing and delivery, will create a high level of commitment and engagement from your group so that you attract ideal clients who get amazing results and become  raving fans who refer qualified clients.

Program Creation Outcome:

  • Discover how to present to your audience with confidence and authority while making an offer for your program that is irresistible.
  • Learn how to engage with your audience, so people want to learn more from you.

Program Creation Resources:

  • The 8 Components of A Presentation That Sells
  • Dissecting a 6 Figure Presentation


Learn the simple strategy to easily fill your practice and programs with IDEAL clients, even if you don’t  have a big list.

Discover how to qualify and target the people you want in your programs and filter out the people you don’t want so that you only talk to the people who are perfect for your programs.

Client Enrollment Outcome:

  • Learn to confidently deliver Strategy Sessions and comfortably make your offer to enroll your ideal clients.
  • Discover how to stay with your prospect through their decision making process and confidently help them see the value in your services.

Client Enrollment Resources:

  • Strategy Sessions That Sell
  • Comfortable Conversations


It’s no fun to chase after business. When you build a list of qualified prospects, clients are attracted to you, rather than you chasing after them. Learn to network with other leaders who will support you to rapidly grow your audience while you suppory them in growing theirs with these rapid list building tools.

Email List Outcome:

  • Master the strategies for easy list-building by providing value.
  • Create your free giveaway to easily attract your potential clients.

Email List Resources:

  • Marketing Power List Building Formula


 Learn how to follow up ad engage your audience with email marketing and automation. Discover how to follow up based on the actions people take and the interest they show. Customizing your follow up will personalize your marketing and have ideal prospects engage with you and your services.

Follow Up Outcomes:

  • Learn how creating sequences can deliver exactly what your prospect asks for and increase your bottom line.
  • Understand how to stay in front of your market with a message that compels them to read your email.

Follow Up Resources:

  • New Lead Follow Up Formula
  • Newsletter Email Guide


Learn how to create your own coaching program. You will learn how to name your program so that it grabs attention. Discover how to price your porgram to bring in the right clients. Put the technology in place to record and deliver your coaching program seamlessly. Discover how to automate the program and turn it into a product to sell over and over.

Coaching Program Outcomes:

  • Learn how to choose a topic that will sell
  • Understand how to set your pricing so that you can attract the perfect clients.
  • Learn the technology required to deliver your program.
  • Discover who to turn  your program into a product and sell it over and over again.

Coaching Program Resources:

  • Coaching Programs That Sell System


When you join you will discover the simple strategy for easily filling your programs with your ideal clients even if you don’t have a big list or know how to do a launch.

You will also learn how to speak directly to the people you want in your program and so that you pre-qualify IDEAL clients. You will learn how to build trust and connection so the right people are ready to join your program.

Fill Your Practice Outcome:

  • Understand the strategy behind launching your program and master the step-by-step process to fill up your practice or your group program.
  • Learn the process of launching and then apply it through local speaking gigs, or interviews and webinars online.

Fill Your Practice Resources:

  • The Launch Planning Guide



Discover EXACTLY what to do to make the changes you need to make right now, so that you can generate the money you want. Understand the old patterns that are keeping you stuck at your current level of income, then design new patterns to support you in reaching your new level of income. Learn how to design your environments to support you in rapid growth.

Money Mindset Outcomes:

  • Up-level your beliefs and change your thinking with mindset makeover strategies used by entrepreneurs making of 6 and 7 figures.
  • Embrace new ways of thinking that will rapidly expand your ability to make money each month.

Money Mindset Resources:

  • The Big Mindset Makeover System
  • Environmental Design


As your business grows so will your need for a solid team. Learn how to outsource and delegate like a pro. You will discover how to find and manage a virtual team so your business operates like a well oiled machine, freeing up your time to deliver content and create programs and products.

Team Building Outcomes:

  • Find team virtual team members who are perfect for your business.
  • Learn how to delegate to your assistant to free up your time and grow your business.
  • Team communication is critical to your success, learn how to structure team duties and communication so your team and your business thrive.

Team Building Resources:

  • Defining Your Team Worksheet
  • Finding Perfect Team Members Checklist
  • Project Management Tools Guide


There is power in partnership. You will get a step by step process for identifying ideal partners who will help you promote your programs. You will learn where to look for JV partners, what to say and how to build long term relationships that add value to both you and your JV partners.

Follow Up Outcomes:

  • Learn why win win partnerships will grow your business and your reputation quickly.
  • Understand how to find ideal joint venture partners.

Follow Up Resources:

  • Joint Venture Checklist
  • Partner Call Script



The Academy teaches tried and true methods that get results. You’ll learn valuable automated marketing skills that you will use throughout the life of your business to continuously scale your business.



Your training materials are yours to keep. Plus, you can re-enroll every year at no charge.

This is designed to help you fine tune and continue to grow over time.


Virtual & Live Training

Your program includes a unique combination of virtual training modules that you can access 24/7, live group interactions delivered virtually and live events for collaboration, networking, and strategy.


Risk Free Guarantee

Join us for the first 15 days of the program and if you attend, follow though with the assignment and don’t get value, we will happily refund your tuition.


purposeCBA is for you if you are a purpose driven entrepreneur who would like to fill your practice with clients and create and sell program and products. You would like to learn how to master your speaking skills to deliver presentations that sell both live and through webinars, market online and be seen by thousands. You are ready to reclaim your time and scale your business form a 1-1 model to a leveraged 1- many model to add and additional 6+ figures to your business.


Weekly Training

Each week you will join your peers for a new training module with Patti. The modules include step by step instructions for you to complete, an action guide, done for you templates, resource short cuts all designed to give you the tools to put your training to work for your business.

*The 3 monthly trainings are delivered weekly with 1-2 implementation weeks each month.

Learn On the Go

Each training is available to be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet. You’ll have access to your webinars, audios and pdf’s 24/7 wherever you are, when you need them.

One Two-Day LIVE Business Acceleration Retreat

Your ability to create major change in your business requires structured time away from your business dedicated to planning and strategy. You have the choice of 3 dates and locations within 2015.

Consistent Support

You need answers when questions arise. We have set up systems to provide individualized support. From live “Coaching Gym” hours to our dedicated “Unleashed Team” support, we make sure you get the help you need when you need it.

Entrepreneurs Community

Membership in this collaborative group will provide you with support, connection, feedback, accountability and flash coaching from Patti, the EU coaching team, and your Entrepreneur Academy peers.

Business Success Templates

You will receive Templates Checklists and Scripts to model while you automate your business, to shorten your learning curve and reduce the time spent creating your opt in pages, forms, webinars, presentations and offers.


1.3  36 Live Calls With PattiPattiCircle2

When you register today you’ll get access to the 36 live training calls that I host during your 12 month program. Each call will be focused on the monthly training and designed to support you with training, question and answer and case study sessions that get RESULTS. These calls will be very interactive and you’ll have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered. All calls will be recorded in case you miss one.



 The 12 Coaching Biz Foundational Training Modules

When you join you will get instant access to your membership portal where you will be able to access your training modules any time you want as they are released through out the program. Each module is jam packed with powerful information to support you in messaging, marketing, creating your program and filling your 1-many coaching business.


forum3Private Members Only Group Forum

You’ll LOVE this private forum, full of value shared by your peers. This is the community forum to connect with other members, and with Patti for additional support, questions and direction in creating and filling your programs, attracting more clients, and making more money.


Lifetime-Access4Lifetime Access To The Training

When you enroll in the The Coaching Biz Academy you’ll receive lifetime access to all of the training modules AND the recording of each of the Live Training calls with Patti. We want you to have support even after the program is completed and business is booming.


5Bonus3Weekly Accountability Email

Each Friday you will receive a simple Accountability & Action Tracker so that you can stay focused on your goals and your progress. You will get a copy of the report for your own records, and Patti will get the report as well so that she can help support you in achieving the best possible results.




6BONUS #1: The Online Biz Club

The Online Biz Club is a quick start for you  to create leverage and move from 1-1 coaching and service delivery to 1-many. Its the foundation for your business and ideal if you to want to prepare for one of Patti’s advanced coaching programs.


7BONUS #2: Expert TraiBonus4nings

Patti will be bringing you her friends and colleagues who will provide additional training on hot topics like Social Media, Lifestyle, Mindset, Energy, Health, and Wellness. These training modules are totally free and can be added at any time throughout the year to enhance the program.


8 10KIncNewBONUS #3: The 10K Incubator

In this cash generating program, you will learn exactly what to do to get your message out in the world using online marketing funnels, facebook ads and webinars so you can fill your business with ideal clients while filling your bank account with cash.



ticketOne free ticket to Patti’s powerhouse live training event UNLEASHED LIVE EVENT 2015. You will experience three powerful days of transformational, hands on training that will propel your business to the next level. You might choose to Unleash your talent at the UNLEASHED talent contest, connect with like minded entrepreneurs who are making an impact at the networking party, and additional experiential events designed to make a BIG impact on your life and business.



""One 'Find Your Money Spot Session' with Patti helped me to see how I could create $50,000 from just ONE opportunity this year, and I did!""

− Kristin Thompson, SpeakServeGrow.com

""From unemployed to booked in just four weeks""

− Tim Jorgens, SFBLife.com

""In just 45 minutes, I had more clarity and confidence in who I am and what I offer my clients than I had in months.""

− Angela Johnson, SoulVisionBusiness.com

""I signed up 4 new clients and launched my first coaching program in 4 weeks""

− Rosie Battista

""I've accomplished more in my media training business in the last month than I did in the entire year prior!""

− Deborah A. Genovesi



QUESTIONS? To help you decide whether the Coaching Biz Academy is the right investment for you, I’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions below…

Q: “Who’s the Coaching BIz Academy right for?”

Entrepreneurs who are willing to learn, grow and be coached benefit most from this program. There are two scenarios:

1) You do not have a coach or mentor but you have a powerful message to get out in the world you simply need someone to help you turn monetize your message into a profitable business that you love.

2) You have a coach, and are looking to add specialized training in monetizing your message, filling your sales funnel with qualified leads, creating coaching programs that sell, speaking live and on webinars, converting sales, and accelerating your business growth.

Clients who succeed in this program are motivated, solution-focused, action oriented problem solvers who are willing to ask questions, be vulnerable and invest in their business growth. They are committed to leveraging their expertise into a profitable business and willing to breakthrough all barriors that present themselves on the path to business success.

They want to share their message in a big way, they are willing to be seen as an expert and use speaking to up-level their results, and are ready to breakthrough to a leveraged six-figure business model.

The best way to get these results is to make a non negotiable decision to succeed. This commitment means you will dive into the training modules, apply what you learn, and reach out for coaching and support when you need it.

Q: “Who is the Coaching Biz Academy NOT right for?”

This program is not for whiners, excuse makers, complainers, or skeptics. It’s not for you if you are more committed to blaming others than taking responsibility and getting results.

This does not mean that everything will go perfectly, obstacles will present themselves, and when they do it’s time for you to show up and move through them. This is the key to success and I practice this daily. I expect the same from you.

This community is a place for you to share your wins and your loses, your challenges and your victories and get support, ask any questions admit and grow. I do not expect you to be perfect, I ask and expect for your total commitment to taking responsibility for yourself.

I am committed to giving you the exact training you need to get the results you want. I am here to encourage you, support you, and challenge you. I will not tolerate bad attitudes, whining, or complaining. My business is more than that type of behavior and I absolutely will not subject my clients to it.

We have high standard, high expectations and a kick butt attitude, and you should too!

Q: “What if I don’t have a business?”

If you have no idea what kind of business you want to start, this is not the right program for you. If on the other hand you know what you want to do, but you don’t have it all packaged up, named, and ready to rock, that’s 100% okay, and you are 100% okay to join the program.

We can support you and you’ll have the benefit of building your business with the right message, packages, programs, & talk right out of the gate.

Most of our clients are purpose driven entrepreneurs who feel called to serve in the way they do, and need help with the marketing, promotion and sales elements in order to make it profitable. If this is you, we can help!


Q: “If I am not a coach, can I still join this program?”

Its true that many of our clients are coaches, authors, and experts of some kind. However some are corporate consultants. Some have brick and mortar businesses, and others have online businesses. The only requirement is that you have a message to share, and a desire to grow your visibility, your reach, and your profitability.

Our program will help you become the stand-out, go-to expert in your field and confidently talk about what you do in a way that converts so that you can sell more products, programs, coaching, consulting, workshop tickets… the list of what you can offer is endless.

Q: “When does this program start?”

You will gain instant full access to the program the moment you sign up. You will then be scheduled for a welcome call to take your through the online library and answer any questions that you have about the program.

Go ahead and enroll in the program today. You will get immediate access to the memberships site, the Marketing Power Coaching Club private Facebook Group. Plus I’ll give you immediate access to THE ULTIMATE LIFE AND BIZ Virtual Planning Session so that you can create your strategic profit plan for 2015.

Each month you get one new live training and a live Q&A Coaching Call so that I can help you get unstuck, and create your next steps.

Q: “How do I best use The Coaching Biz Academy membership site?

The first thing to do is add all of the calls to your calendar.

As soon as you enroll, you will receive your very own private username and password for accessing the private membership site. You will see that the first thing to do is THE UNLTIMATE LIFE AND BIZ PLAN. The second thing to do is to go through the 6 FIGURE SIGNATURE SYSTEM training modules. From there you simply access each month’s live training module & Q&A Call. In addition you can access THE ONLINE BIZ CLUB for instant access to training topics 24/7.

And if you have any technical questions, our Unleashed Support Team is available to assist you by phone or email within 24 hours of your submitted support request.


Q: “What is my time commitment?”

You receive a live coaching or training call 3 times a month:

Week One: Group Training Call
Week Two: Group Coaching Call
Week Three: Case Study / Makeover

In between session you have access to the membership library trainings and the ability to ask questions in the Facebook group.

The most important way for you to use your time is to get into action and IMPLEMENT the money making activities you learn in this program. Prioritize your time to show up for the Q&A call or ask questions in the Facebook group so that you exactly what you need to do to reach your monthly goal.


Q: “Maybe I’ll just do this on my own, and then think about joining?”

Nope! If you could do it on your own you already would have done it. I am where I am today because I have invested in mentorship and surrounded myself with other entrepreneurs who are creating the success I want to create.

I always have a mentor and a coach to call me out when my old patterns kick in, and to call me forward when it’s time to raise the bar and stretch beyond where I am. Without coaching and mentorship it is far too easy to stay comfortable and struggle.

Face it the top performers in the world all have multiple mentors. There is a reason they are successful, they allow themselves to be molded by those who have been there.

Q: “I definitely want to join, but I’m not sure I can afford it.”

Here’s what I can share with you. The first coaching program I joined was $10,000. Plus I invested in an event sponsorship that year that was another $15,000. That $25K Investment in a business that was making next to nothing. Sound crazy? Not so crazy, because I was looking at the long-term goal. I was investing for the 5 year plan.

That investment helped me take my business from $40K to $175,000 (and then on to $375,000.00). Not such a bad investment then was it?

Here’s what I suggest my clients do, and it is what I do as well. Don’t ask what a program costs. Ask yourself what you can earn when you implement and apply what it gives you. If you can double your investment would it be worth it? What if you could triple it? More?

If investing $500 per month will bring hardship to you or your family, then it might not be a good idea and frankly you might be better suited to get a job, because investing is simply part of running a business.

Maybe the monthly investment just feels like a stretch. You can use that stretch to motivate you. Everything great thing I have done in my business has been a scary stretch.

Many people have earned $5K from delivering just one solid talk. That’s selling 10 people a $500 entry level product or program. So there is the potential to recoup your investment many, many times over should you apply what you learn.

Learn more about what people are saying about our coaching.

Q: “What results can I expect from the program?”

This program is a step by step, strategic, systematic approach to learning how to leverage your knowledge, fill your sales funnel with qualified leads, create powerful offers, convert prospects to sales, and accelerating your business growth.

A Step-by-Step Strategy For Profit: The first step in success is a target and a strategy. Reach your financial goals with your customized strategy, and step-by-step action plan.

Find IDEAL Prospects Easily: Continuously build your list of ideal prospects, so that you have hot prospects hungry for your offer.

Programs, Products and Offers: Create your 6 figure signature system; turn it into a program or product that sells, for a rapid influx of new clients, and cash.

Create Your Power Platform: Gain visibility by leveraging the power of social media, mastering your email marketing and finding promotional partners, so that you can connect with those people who long for your services.

Find your ideal clients with compelling copy, share turns strangers into happy paying clients.

Expert Deliver Systems That Create Raving Fans And Bring Tons Of Referrals: Learn how to deliver stellar results with online membership sites, group programs and accountability. Learn to leverage your time and maximize your clients’ results.

We also cover business profit planning, list building, social media and other hot topics you need to know in today’s business world if you want to stay relevant and grow quickly.

Q: “How do I get direct access to Patti?”

You have direct access to Patti on each of the weekly calls. Every call is recorded and available for download. This is a group-learning environment. You also have the ability to ask questions in the private facebook group, and can get support, coaching, and accountability you need.

Q: “When do I get my bonuses?”

Several of the bonuses are available immediately, including the complete The Online Biz Club, 6 Figure Signature Systems, and the $10K Incubator. We will be adding several extra bonuses throughout the year!

Q: “Patti, does this really work?”

It works if you do! If you are committed, focused and take you will grow your business. The steps are here for you, the support is here for you all that is left is you, taking action! Check out a few stories of regular people like you applying what they learn and getting awesome results.

Q: “Okay Patti, I’m ready to unleash!

Well lets go! Click the button and we’ll send you your welcome packet right away!

I can’t wait to help you unleash your ultimate life and biz in 2015!