6 Steps to Your Irresistible Offer That Sells



Are YOU ready to create your IRRESISTIBLE offer that sells?

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Are your struggling to create an offer that stands out from the crowd?

Have you been overwhelmed or stuck and it’s stopped you from getting started or really growing your business? Have you tried to figure it out on your own and keep going back and forth?

It really doesn’t have to be that way…

    What if you were able to craft a powerful offer that feels really good AND is aligned with how you want to show up for your clients? And what if you were able to do it in less than ONE DAY?

    Well, this Masterclass is going to help you do just that.

      We’re going to take a deep-dive into putting together your offer – the golden key that will unlock the doors to serving your clients with ease.

      Here are the basics:

      This is a 3-part, self-paced Masterclass, that’s recorded so you can take your time and watch at your convenience.

      You can have a draft of your offer in
      less than two hours!

      No fluff. No BS. Just pure actionable steps to create your irresistible offer that sells!

      It’s going to be a roll up your sleeves, hands on, ‘get-er-done’ kind of training!

      And, this ISN’T going to be something where I throw a ton of info at you so you’re more confused than when you showed up.

      You get a step-by-step roadmap with the workbook, templates and resources needed to put your offer together with ease and confidence.

      You’ll get the training and all the resources you need to create your irresistible offer that sells!

      In this Masterclass…

      • First, I’ll walk you through getting crystal clear on who you want to work with, their needs, goals and challenges.
      • Then, you learn how to stand out above the rest and be the go-to person in your market.
      • I’ll show you how to create your Big Idea Statement so you can grab people’s attention and build relationships.
      • Then, I’m going to help you to create an offer that really connects with your target audience and helps them reach their goals and overcome their challenges.
      • In addition, I’m going to help you price it, accordingly, figure out how to talk about it to your audience, and give you a couple of ideas on how to attract your dream clients.

      In just a few hours, you’ll have made remarkable progress and feel a sense of confidence and excitement!

      If you are a budding coach, consultant, or service provider or you just haven’t packaged your genius into something that makes it easy for you to sell your expertise, serve your clients well and feel good doing it,

      this is for YOU!

        It’s going to move you forward quickly and with confidence!

        So what are you waiting for? Sign up with the button below!

        This Masterclass is usually priced at $297.00, but because you are a part of the
        Premium For Your Business Bundle, you get the training, workbook, worksheets, templates & scripts at no additional cost!

        Who Am I?

        Founder and CEO of Successful Coaches Enterprise, creator of the Coaching Biz Accelerator group program, the Coaching Biz Academy, and host of the Master Your Coaching Biz Podcast. I help coaches get clients and go from part time to full time in their coaching business.

        I’ve been working with coaches for over 10 years to build successful business and help them to package and price their offers in a way that aligns with their business, and I want to help you too!

        See you in the Masterclass!

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